AudioFiles: Trending Full Episode

This week on AudioFiles we talk about trends: old and new.

Stories of leading, following, and jumping on the bandwagon. We’ll take a look into the bizarre world of viral web videos, and hear from a group of New Yorkers who are trying to change the tide on how we think about—well… changing tides.

We’ll challenge the long-held wisdom that young voters are always the “hopey-changey” crowd in politics. Then, Greg Young of the Bowery Boys Podcast joins us in the studio to share some strange fads from New York City’s history.

Finally, we’ll hear some live traditional West African music that’s sure to outlast even the biggest Taylor Swift single.

Producer: Kristen Clark
Host: Natalie Abruzzo
Stories by Kristen Clark, Max Willens, Caroline Lewis, Frank Green, Thad Komorowski and E.J. Stewart, Danny Lewis, Gwynne Hogan, Roxanne Scott

On this episode:

Original air date: Nov. 11, 2014